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Initial Flight Training 

For individuals with no flight experience, looking to get started. 

Initial flight training includes either the PPL(A), or LAPL. 

Advanced Flight Training 

Pilots with a PPL(A) wishing to increase their skillset.


Advanced flight training offers the IR(R), allowing flight into IMC conditions in a SEP. As well as Night Ratings and Tail Wheel Conversions. 

Experience Flights

Perfect as a gift for a celebration, or an insight into the general aviation sector. 


We provide multiple experience flights, ranging from Leisure Routes, Vintage Aircraft to Aerobatics. 


Fly Out  

10th September 2022


Trial Lessons 

Unsure where to Start?


Book a trial lesson to experience learning without commitment. 


Self-fly Hire 

For pilots with Light Aircraft licence wishing to build hours without the responsibility of owning an aircraft. 


Training and Experiences 


See What We're Up To 

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About Us 

Here at Horizon Flight Training we offer high quality flight training specifically aimed at the private, general aviation, sector. Not only do we train for Private and Light Aircraft licences, we offer more advanced training for night, restricted instrument ratings, tail wheel conversions and complex variant training. 

We also offer trial flights in some of our vintage aircraft such as the DeHavilland DHC1 Chipmunk, the principle training aircraft for the Royal Air Force since 1950 to the mid-1990s. 

Our instructors are fully qualified and highly experienced. They look forward to helping you unlock your potential with a fun and professional approach.