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   Experience Aerobatic
    Formation Flying 

The Sky Is Your Playground. 

A flight for the adventurers. Why not take an aerobatic or formation experience flight in our DHC1 Chipmunk,  G-CERD.  Once the primary training aircraft for the Royal Air Force, often used to convert cadets onto the Spitfire for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flights, taking a flight in G-CERD is like no other. Just remember to bring your shades and a baseball cap! 


During the flight you could be doing aerobatic manoeuvres such as; 

  • Rolls

  • Loops

  • Cuban Eight 

  • Half Cubans 

  • Quater Clover 

  • Stall Turn

  • Slow Roll

  • Barrel Roll

  • Aileron Roll 

Before the flight, if any particular manoeuvres would be preferred, feel free to inform our instructors.


Our rates for the DHC1 Chipmunk are as follows; 

  • 30 minute flight, £160.00 

  • 45 minute flight, £235.00 

  • 1 hour flight, £298.00  

Gift vouchers are available on request.  

If requested, a GoPro can be attached to the backseat cockpit. The footage would then be edited and sent to you to remember the once in a lifetime experience. 

We can accommodate for 1 person per flight (at one time). However, friends and family members are more than welcome to be accompanied onto the apron to watch taxi, take off and landing. And of course, take as many photos as desired. 

Why not try a rolling break?