The Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL)

A LAPL holder can fly a UK registered non-complex light aircraft (<2000kg) with a maximum of 4 seats. The holder can fly VFR (Visual Flight Rules) by day. In addition, they have the following privileges:
•    Carry up to 3 passengers (Must have 10 hours flight experience post licence issue)
•    A Night Rating can be added.
•    The LAPL holder cannot add any Instrument Flight Privileges.
Training Requirements

•    Minimum of 30 hours flying training.
•    6 hours of supervised solo flight time, including at least 3 hours of solo cross-country flight time.
•    At least 1 cross country flight of at least 148 km (80 NM) that includes full stop landings at 1 aerodrome different from the departure aerodrome.
•    Must hold a LAPL Medical Certificate.
•    9 Theory Exams (Can be taken at the flight school)
•    Practical radio test.
•    Minimum age of 16 to fly solo, and 17 for licence issue.
•    Skills test with a Flight Examiner.