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Experience Our Vintage Aircraft 

Sometimes the old ways are the best. 

Old dogs can learn new tricks. A flight in one of our vintage aircraft is like no other. In amongst our fleet we have two vintage aircraft, DHC1 Chipmunk and the Auster J5F Aiglet Trainer. 

The DHC1 Chipmunk 

This highly aerobatic aircraft type took over as the primary training aircraft for the Royal Air Force in 1958, replacing the Tiger Moth, and remained in service until 1996. Acting 38 years as a primary trainer is a tribute to this design, and in fact two of the aircraft are still in service with the Royal Air Force, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, which is not bad company to keep! 

In our Chipmunk, G-CERD/WK640, we can offer both aerobatic and leisure flights, simply request which flight you would like upon booking. 

With the clarity of a surrounding glass canopy, during the flight, a GoPro can be attached inside the backseat cockpit. The footage can be edited and sent to you as a souvenir of the experience flight. 

Our rates for the DHC1 Chipmunk are as follows; 

  • 30 minute flight, £160.00 

  • 45 minute flight, £235.00 

  • 1 hour flight, £300.00 

Take a flight through history.