Leisure Flights 

From the Gower to the Severn Bridge. 

Struggling with what to get a family member or significant other for a special occasion? Think no more, why not take a 45 minute, or 1 hour + flight in one of our PA-28-160s. 

Take a flight with one of our instructors, covering most parts of south wales, or the south west.

You can decide where you would like to go.

Whether it may be an aerial view over your home, to the Gower, the Severn Bridge or even the over Principality Stadium. 

If you feel comfortable, you can be handed control of the aircraft (with instructor supervision) and get a more authentic feel of piloting than ever before and make your Top Gun dreams come true!


 You may bring up to 2 people in the aircraft (depending on the chosen payment package). Up to 5 family members or friends, are welcome to be accompanied onto the apron to watch taxi, take-off and landing, and of course, take as many photos as liked. If requested, a GoPro can be attached inside the cockpit. The footage can be edited, and sent to you as a reminder of your experience flight. 


Our rates are as follow, for 1 person;                  

  • 45mins £190.00 with an instructor.                               

  • 1 hour £230.00 with an instructor. 

  • 90mins £290.00 with an instructor. 

Gift Vouchers are available on request. 

You Have Control. 

For 2 people; 

  • 45 mins £215.00 

  • 1 hour £255.00 

  • 90mins £295.00