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"An experience like no other" 

Perfect for a gift, special occasion, or to treat yourself, why not consider one of our experience flights?


We offer experience flights, and we can tailor them to suit you. 


Gift vouchers for experience flights are available on request.

Vintage Flights 
Flight Experience Cockpit 1.PNG
Experience Flights & Trial Lessons 

Sit back and enjoy the view or take control of the aircraft over the South Wales Coast. You will the opportunity to learn some basic flight manoevures and take photos & video to remember your experience 

Aerobatic Flights

Strap in tight for an exhilarating experience as you get to loop and roll over the South Wales Coast. You will have the opportunity to do some of the flying and perhaps even try a loop or roll yourself. 

Screenshot 2022-06-27 at 14.15.56.jpg
Chippie flight.jpg
Vintage Flights 

Perhaps you enjoy the more relaxing side of life and would like to get your hands on the stick of a vintage aircraft with pedigree. This is the option for you. The Chippy has great views and is a delight to fly around right side up.

Book a trial lesson 

Book your trial lesson or experience flight with us for an unforgettable event

It's time to start your aviating journey. 

01446 508532

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