Flight Planning & Execution - Take 2

Take 2 is a General Aviation Safety Council (GASCO) initiative to avoid infringements of Controlled and Notified Airspace. At Horizon we fully endorse this and teach it to our students.

Infringements are not only costly and inconvenient to passenger flights, they are dangerous and completely unnecessary. Extensive use of personal GPS devices has lead to pilots routing extremely close to airspace with little regard to error in the system or human error.

Good flight planning with a generous margin for error factored in goes a long way to reduce the threat and leads to a better experience in flight for all airspace users.

Remember.........TAKE 2

2 Nautical Miles Laterally or 200ft Vertically

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Hi all, There is an airspace infringement avoidance webinar on Monday 07 Mar delivered by the Airspace & Safety Initiative on zoom. Use the link below to register for this free and informative event.