G-OFTI Re-united

About two months ago we received an email from a lovely lady called Miranda. Miranda's partner, Connor, used to fly in G-OFTI, one of our PA28s, when he was a little boy (on a booster seat) as Connor's grandad used to own the aircraft up until 2008 but had to see her due to health reasons.

Miranda told us that it was Connor's dream to go back up in G-OFTI again after his grandad had sadly passed away a few years ago. This made us, in the office, quite emotional as we see our aeroplanes as part of our family and especially as Miranda had sent us a few lovely pictures of Connor and his grandad Graham with G-OFTI.

We felt honoured to be a part of Connor's birthday surprise (especially as he didn't know on the day that he was going to have a flight in G-OFTI!).

The moment that Connor got to see G-OFTI again everybody welled up, it was such a wonderful moment, one we at Horizon will never forget!

We are so glad that they enjoyed their flight and I'm pretty sure it won't be long before we see this lovely couple again!

Thanks you again Connor and Miranda for letting us be part of your special day.

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