Update on Sleap fly-out

Updated: Feb 24

Booking slots now available on Shlott.

Private owned aircraft are welcome to join in too. This is an aviation community event and we encourage all to come along

Please book the Aircraft from 1630 to 2100 on the system to avoid issues.

I will block out the return legs once we know the participants.

Each PA28 will have a max limit of 3 persons (subject to Mass & Balance).

Students booking ensure you select an instructor and suggest you pair up to fly a leg each. You can add the name of the second pilot or student to the notes section on Shlott.

The intent:

Meet at Horizon 1600 10 Mar to ensure we are fully prepared for a departure no later than 1645.

Arrive at Sleap circa 1815 prior to official night.

BBQ at the airfield.

The apron is grass and allows for tents next to the aircraft. For those who would rather sleep in comfort, there is a Premier Inn and a B&B both a short taxi ride away.

We will depart Sleap 0900 11 Mar to return to St Athan circa 1030.

For those who cannot overnight we can accommodate a night return to Cardiff in lieu of the Sleep over. Happy to discuss once we have the bookings.

Get booking folks, and lets have a good trip to get the season started.

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